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Discover the power of medicinal meals with herbalist & author Kami McBride

Breath magic into your kitchen—and greater wellness into your home—by learning how to infuse every meal with healing herbs and spices. With simple, creative recipes and time-tested tips, this video-packed course will teach you how to support your family’s health with medicinal meals, even if you're short on time or dealing with the pickiest of eaters.


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Are Your Meals Medicinal? 


You don’t have to be an herbalist, an incredible cook, or have an abundance of time to unlock the healing potential of your food. For centuries, families have used medicinal herbs and spices to support digestion, bolster immunity, and harness the power of natural, preventative health care. However, for many of us, the ball was dropped a few generations back.

Creating healthy meals becomes easy when your kitchen is full of interesting and delicious premade herbal pantry staples. 

With experienced herbalist Kami McBride as your guide, you will learn how to build an incredible herbal pantry stocked with simple, premade herbal condiments like pestos, infused oils and vinegars, herbal liqueurs and honeys that make it easy—and fast—to drizzle, sprinkle, shake, and stir healing herbs into every meal. Move from dabbling to DOING as your kitchen confidence blooms and you delight your family with their daily dose of herbal-infused medicinal foods.

"What I love, love, love is having the guide of what goes well together so I don’t have to experiment. I’ve never been a great cook and always wanted to know how to make simple things taste flavorful and this works. Kami’s recipes help me to know how much herbs to use and what goes well together. Thank you!"

-Jena Helfrick, VA

"My husband swears that I am a much better cook after taking your class. Adding layers of flavor with the vinegars and spice blends not only adds healthy aspects to my cooking, but tons of flavor!"

-M. Waters

What is My Herbal Kitchen?

Herbalism is the ancient art of working with herbs and spices to support your health, naturally. This time-tested craft can encompass every room of your home, but it starts in the kitchen.

In My Herbal Kitchen online course, you will learn how to infuse your meals with healthy, affordable, and easily accessible herbs and spices. With this knowledge in hand, you will not only whip up delicious and creative new recipes, but you will also take better care of your and your family’s health every time you share a meal.

Many of these recipes are for condiments and herbal pantry staples that you can make in advance when you’re feeling creative and then use again and again as you prepare your family’s meals. This helps make it easy to add a dash or drizzle of nutrient-rich herbs to your daily meals, even if you're tired or pressed for time. 

This course will change what happens at your dinner table for the rest of your life. 
10 Modules
Set up your healing herbal kitchen for success! Each module is brimming with videos and recipes that will teach you how to unlock the power of kitchen medicine.
38 Videos
Be transported straight into Kami’s kitchen so she can visually show you every step of each herb-infused pantry staple.
45 + Recipes
 Bring your lessons to life with simple, step-by-step recipes for boosting meals with healing plant medicines that will support your health for life. 
Kami weaves memorable stories from her family, students, and clients gained from 34 years of teaching herbal medicine. Students love how this gives easy-to-remember anecdotes for each herbal preparation.
Listen while you take a walk, commute, fold your laundry, or do any other type of activity away from your computer with downloadable audio files.
Download the course content, add your own notes, and save it for future reference, with easy-to-use transcripts. 

"I’ve been dabbling in herbs for years but have remained intimidated and unsure of myself for the most part. I have bought my share of books and courses over the years, but I have actually made and used so many more of Kami’s recipes in the short time I have had them than I have from any other source - all of which have been amazingly easy to get my husband on board with. 

Kami’s approach and enthusiasm in her videos makes this all just so doable and sustainable. I just know I'll keep up with it because I've already integrated it. Thank you again for your work!" 

-Jen Sain, NY

Kitchen Medicine:
A Healing Home Art

We understand the risks of reaching for medications and realize that natural remedies are necessary to effectively manage our health. So we’re picking up the pieces of herbal knowledge that were largely lost decades ago and doing the very best we can to take care of our loved ones.

The problem is that we are trying to quickly learn herbal skills that took generations to acquire. Overwhelm is the theme of the day…

Which herb do I choose for which purpose?
Am I doing this right?
 How can I remember what I study?
Is this safe for my kids?
Will my kids even like this?

My Herbal Kitchen cuts through all that. With just a handful of herbs that you already know and love, you can fortify the nutrient and therapeutic density of your food, which means you'll have delicious, herbal-packed meals that nourish your health every day.

Ready to get started? This course is so much fun that you won't even realize you're crossing "Learn about Herbs" off your to-do list!

Imagine for a Moment

That every meal and snack has a creative herbal touch, from the floral water in your cup to the oregano pesto on your chicken and the cardamom honey drizzled over your dessert. When you have herbal pantry staples at the ready, learning to cook with herbs is easy! You will be able to do more than improve the flavor of your food, it will also  improve your health and vitality, naturally. 

Feeling under the weather? 
Enjoy a spoonful of your Winter Cold Honey.

Want to add more antioxidants to your diet? 
Whip up a batch of Rosemary Thyme Oil.

Removing chemical additives from your diet?
Alchemy Oil makes a delicious salad dressing replacement.

Trying to cut your soda habit? 
Fall in love with easy fruit- and herb-infused waters.

Meet Your Teacher: Herbalist & Author Kami McBride

Kami McBride is the author of the best-selling book The Herbal Kitchen, from which this course is built and expanded upon.  Over the past 30+ years, she has taught thousands of people how to infuse their lives with vibrant herbal preps for health and wellbeing. This course features Kami’s favorite techniques, recipes, and herbs distilled from decades of hands-on experience. 

Kami's teaching style is rooted in storytelling and videos, and she shines in making complex topics approachable and simple for even the most beginning herbalists.

She is a graduate of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (1991) and has developed and taught herbal medicine in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Department at University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing, and in the Integral Health Masters’ Degree program at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Are you ready to whip up some kitchen magic?
Don't miss your chance!
What's Included

Herbal preps are the backbone of a successful herbal kitchen! Each module brings you right into Kami’s cozy home where you'll learn to build your pantry with the worker horse herbal pantry staples that turn anything you eat into a delicious infusion of herbal medicine.

Module 1: Herbal Drinks

 You are what you drink! If people in your life are not as healthy as they could be and you feel like you could be doing more, but you don’t have more time or if you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure about how to safely use herbal remedies in a way that is right for your family, this is the place to just go for it. Start sipping your way to better health with herb-infused drinks! Learn the simple art of making Herbal Drinks so you can feel confident in keeping your loved ones well.

Module 2: Herbal Smoothies

You’ve faced the fact that your kids are going to move out of the house one day and need to know how to take care of their own health. Where are the young ones in your life getting their health care education? The media drips them constant messages about how to take over-the-counter drug. Making herbal drinks is the best way to teach your kids how to use herbs.  Blend herbal medicine right into the morning routine, put Berry Mint Fizz or Lemon Verbena Nectar on the menu and they’ll be hooked!

Module 3: Herbal Sprinkles

Got small children, working a lot, or taking care of a loved one? Is time the issue that keeps your herbal studies a backlogged project? Let’s get the most underused spice rack hack working for you right away. Even if you eat take-out, pre-packaged food, or you don’t have time to make everything organic and from scratch, you can still increase the nutritional quality and add therapeutic benefits to your meals with a few, key superfood Herbal Spice Blends.

Module 4: Herbal Salts

If you are in charge of taking care of anyone’s health, including your own, eating healthy salt is primary.  Almost every meal you eat contains salt, and there are just a lot of bad salt out there. Build more resilient health and use mineral-rich, healthy salts that are filled with herbs. Learn which salts are healthiest and how to blend them with healing herbs for extra support.

Module 5: Herbal Honeys

Kitchen Medicine at its best. You can use herb-infused honey in any food you would normally add honey to. Increase the nutritional density of your food and drinks and a flavor-packed boost with Winter Colds Honey, Chai Honey, Ginger Honey ... You are going to love using these herbal kitchen favorites to fortify your home apothecary. 

Module 6: Herbal Vinegars

Herb-filled vinegars are the secret ingredient for delicious shrubs, dressings, soup broths, marinades, and cold-prevention remedies. If you want to make potent, shelf-stable herbal vinegars that support gut health, prevent illness, and add flavor to any meal, let’s start with Fire Cider, Four Thieves Vinegar, or Five Flower Herbal Vinegar…

Module 7: Herbal Oils

What’s the spice status of your next meal? Once you create your core culinary herbal oils, you can layer herbs and spices into every meal with a splash or drizzle of dynamic flavored oils infused with the beneficial properties of herbs and spices. Create a ready-to-go collection of antioxidant-rich, gourmet culinary oils in many flavors. 

Module 8: Herbal Ghee

No diet is complete without healthy fats. Learn all about ghee—a low-lactose, healthier butter alternative—and how to infuse it with healing herbs for sweet and savory dishes. Build more resilient health by adding ghee to your meals,  you might be surprised by just how delicious it is. 

Module 9: Herbal Pesto

Fresh herbs are not only filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but they are rich in enzymes. Adding enzyme-rich pesto to your food is a great way to increase the digestibility of your food, which means you have more energy and don’t feel tired after you eat. Learn to make a variety of pestos that pair well with just about any savory food. 

Module 10: Herbal Cordials

After-dinner drinks and specialty cordials will be the talk of your parties! People love handcrafted cordials that are unique to the celebration they are part of. Specialty cordials can't be found in a store, they are a truly homemade herbal medicine crafted with love and care from your heart and hands.  Relaxing Lavender Cordial, No More Colds Cordial, Summer Solstice Cordial...These gorgeous after-dinner drinks support relaxation, immunity, optimum digestion, and vitality.


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Enjoy this bonus lesson from Kami about Herbs for Dinner: How to inspire daily use of herbs, even with picky eaters and herbally non-compliant family members.  How to get your kids to eat herbs and not go "yuck." Learn how to increase herb consumption in early childhood and why it really matters. Glean from Kami's 30+ years of working directly with families and learn the tricks that work!

"My Herbal Kitchen online class is such a joy! I’ve learned so much in these short, fun videos and absolutely love Kami’s energy and enthusiasm. The classes are super informative and make creating things like flavored ghee, salt rubs, and herbal drinks enjoyable and a breeze. Thank you for getting me past my hesitation to experiment with herbs and for pointing out the health benefits as an added bonus!"

-Roberta Binder, NC

"I studied herbs independently for 15 years before finding Kami. Her love and respect for the plant world and methods of teaching have made all the difference for me. Thank you Kami!"

-Erin Hassah, IL

Who is This Course For?

This recipe-packed course is a great fit for people of all skill levels who want to be empowered with  the best proactive health care program around, an herb-ready kitchen! Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, Kami is dishing up herbal inspiration that will move your herbal learning to another level of deliciousness and ease.  

  • Beginners: This course is designed for beginners who have little to no herbalism experience and will appreciate simple, step-by-step instructions as they begin to shape their healing herbal kitchen. 
  • ​Intermediate and Advanced: Herbalists, nutritionists, and homemakers who are already familiar with the techniques in this course will appreciate the fresh infusion of original, creative recipes to work from. If you've been making the same recipes over and over again, this course will reinvigorate your herbal practice with unique combinations and memorable flavors. 
  • ​Family Herbal Learning:  This is a wonderful herbal homeschool curriculum to enjoy with your children! Many families enroll in My Herbal Kitchen to craft healthy recipes and learn new skills together.  
Your meals will never be the same!
Start building your herbal kitchen today. 

 “I've taken many herbal courses over the last few years, but the most practical and useful information has come from Kami’s courses. My Herbal Kitchen teaches you how to easily incorporate herbs into your everyday life. Kami shows you how quick and easy it is to make herbal honeys, culinary herbal oils and vinegars, herbal sprinkles and herbal drinks that you and your family will enjoy using. I’m so glad that I made the investment in Kami's online courses because they’ve taught me easy, practical ways to take care of my family naturally.”  

- Alison Bateman, MI

"Kami’s approach and enthusiasm in her videos makes this all just so doable and sustainable. I just know I'll keep up with it because I've already integrated it. Thank you again for your work!"

-Jen Sain, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

When does class start?
This class is entirely self-paced and on-demand, so you can choose to get started whenever works best for your schedule!
What materials will I need?
For the course itself, you will need a computer, tablet, or mobile device to access the online materials. You’ll also need a reliable internet connection, and pen and paper to take notes (optional).

The recipes in this course mainly use common kitchen spices that you should be able to find at your local grocery store, farmers market, or co-op, along with other pantry staples, like olive oil, honey, and salt. 

How long will I have access to my course?
Course enrollment comes with lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace and log back into your student dashboard anytime you want to rewatch a video, find a recipe, or interact with the materials in any way.
Do you offer payment plans?
This course is only available with a one-time payment of $147.00.
Can I still take this course if I don’t live in the United States?
Absolutely! The information shared in this course is valuable for students around the world, and many of the spices and herbs that we work with are common enough that you should be able to find them where you live. 
Is this course mobile-friendly?
Yes, our entire platform is mobile-friendly. This course is largely video-based, and you can easily watch the videos on your phone. You can also download the audio files for each lesson if you prefer to listen on the go.
Supercharge your Herbal Kitchen!
So much fun, it won't even feel like learning. 

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